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1. Why do you need to confirm the payment information of my order?

As there is certain risk with online trade. To ensure the security of your payment account, we need to confirm the order is placed by the owner of the payment account. After the confirmation has finished, our trade delivery team will delivery you the goods.

2. I have placed an order with the wrong server or character name. What should I do?

Please contact our live support representatives with your order number, correct server name and character name. After the confirmation, we will deliver your order with your correct information.

3. Live Support is not responding. What's wrong?

The speed of the live Support connection depends on the type of Internet connection used, the Internet Service Provider (ISP), and the time when you are accessing the website. If you are using a 56K modem dial-up, you tend to experience slower speed. Some ISPs also tend to be slower during peak period when the Internet traffic is congested. Please kindly try again or email us if you are having difficulties in messaging us.

4. How about the security of buying gold from your site?

Purchasing gold from us is very safe. While every currency transaction does contain a certain amount of risk, we have spent years developing tried and tested methods to protect our customers’ privacy and accounts. There is no need for you to worry when purchasing currency from us. If anyone gets banned, it will be us, not you.

5. How about my account Security?

We can not guarantee your account 100% safety, because the Blizzard does not permit power leveling service. They always try to tracing your account. So, it is a dangerous action to choose power leveling service. But we do the business for a long time; we take safeguard to protect your personal information very seriously. We developed strict policies to guarantee our customers’ privacy. The only person can access your log in information is our leveling expert who has been professionally trained and will never talk with other game characters in the power leveling(during the power leveling process). Once the power leveling is completed, should we advice you to check and change your password for your own security. We have professional players, no bots or macros are used by our skilled players and we never talk to any other players in game or get involved in any controversial activities such as player killing. And we have better ways that can evade the Blizzard, so your account is nearly 100% safety.

No Hidden Costs

We will not take any of your equipment or expend any of your gold. Your possessions prior to the start of leveling will be fully inventoried and returned back to you intact. Your character will also keep all items from drops during the leveling service. However, since drops and such are by chance, we cannot make any guarantees about what extra items your character will gain through drops.


while leveling your character, our master players will not join any guilds or friendship or talk to anyone except per you request. That is one of our rules. If we happen to run into someone who is familiar with your character, we indicate that we are a friend or relative playing with your character for a little while. You may also let us know of something specific to say in such situations. We will not under any circumstance reveal the leveling service.

6. While your company is leveling my character is that possible for me to play and when I am off have your company continue the leveling?

Sure. We can do the non-stop leveling 24 / 7 or customize your schedule in a part-time procedure. Just contact us by Live Support to let us know your desired schedule before we start.

One of the important issues we would like to remind you is that please do not login to your account while we are leveling your character.

You may notify us by Live Support to log out first before playing by yourself. Please only login at your specified time if you choose a part time service.

Our reminder again: please notify us first if you wish to play at any time in which is supposed we are working for the power leveling.

7. Delivery and Refund Policy

1. We provide different prices for different delivery speeds. The prices for different delivery ETAs (estimated time of arrival) are evaluated automatically based on the supply market prices, which are updated automatically. You can choose the face to face delivery or the Auction House delivery as your needs.

2. You may request a refund or change your ETA at any time before full delivery.

8. What is a pending e-check, and why I need to wait for it clear? How to avoid it?

A pending e-check is a type of payment option available with PayPal. A pending e-check is just like writing a normal check, except electronically. Just like normal checks, pending e-checks take a few days to clear while PayPal verifies the funds are present within the senders account. Once the check has cleared, the money is transferred to wowgold2kitems’s account and then delivery can take place immediately thereafter.

An e-check results when a payment is sent from an unverified account without sufficient balance in the PayPal account to cover the cost of the order. PayPal must contact the bank and verify that the funds are present, thus the cause of the 3 to 4 days delay. To avoid sending an e-check, first complete the verification process for your account, and then make sure the funds are present in PayPal before you place an order. To confirm your payment type, just before placing the order you will see a blue hyperlink that reads: "choose more funding options". By clicking this link you may determine which option is currently selected for your payment, and what payment options your account supports.

9. Do you have refund policy if I do not receive orders made at wowgold2kitems?

Yes, we do. If we are failed to contact the customers or confirm payment for more than 72 hours during the virtual items processing, the order will be hold and 100% purchase price will be promptly refunded. The refund made to the credit card will be credited or returned to the same account you used within 2 to 3 business days.